Now available is the in-development release of the infants algorithm, which expands pediatric algorithm to clean 0 - 2 and revises its steps. This is strongly not recommended for general use, and still contains bugs. Possible bugs are enumerated below, and provide a starting point for potential developers:

  • Same day exclusions are over called in weight and head circumference
  • Carried forward exclusions are mis-called within that step
  • Same day exclusions are mis-called within that step
  • Raw differences step are over called in height
  • EWMA results missed in height
  • Carried forward results are missed in head circumference
  • Various smaller misalignments across exclusion results

If you would still like to use this in-development feature, you can do this in the cleangrowth algorithm by turning on the option prelim_infants:

# prepare data as a data.table
data <-
# set the data.table key for better indexing
setkey(data, subjid, param, agedays)
# generate new exclusion flag field using function
cleaned_data <- 
  data[, gcr_result := cleangrowth(subjid, param, agedays, sex, measurement,
                                   prelim_infants = TRUE)]

For information on the steps in the infants algorithm, please see this document.

This algorithm expansion also contains information on smoothing z-scores between observations of 2 and 4 years old. If you would like to use this in your work, code can be found in growth.R lines 525-555.

If you have any feedback on this in-development feature, would like to provide feedback on the algorithm logic or code, or discuss other collaborations, please contact the maintainer of this package, Carrie Daymont.